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There's tickling and non-tickling stuff. Pick your section and enjoy it! ;)

If you want to make a request, read this:…

If you want to make a commission, here are my prices:…


- Hardcore porn
- Excessive violence (carnage, mutilation etc.)
- Bigotry in general (racism, sexism, homophobia etc.)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there! I accept commissions and art trades, but I have conditions for them, so be sure to check it before complaining about anything.

The more specific the better. Be sure to tell all the details you want in your art, otherwise I'll fill such details in my own way, and I won't accept complains about the final work.

Please be patient. I adopt a "first come, first served" policy, so I work all the ordered arts in the order they reach my inbox. I don't have much spare time to work on such drawings, nor I am a speedy drawer, plus I always have quite a bunch of queued commissions, trades and requests and there's always new ones coming. So your art might take months or even a year to be finished.

Name all names needed to ease the whole thing. I'm not the "trendy" kind - I don't watch current animes, don't play every new video game in the block and don't watch many movies, toons or series. So, if you're going to ask for an art involving current popular media characters, don't simply tell only their name. Be kind to also tell from which anime, manga, game, movie, cartoon, show or whatever such character is. Reference images are always an appreciated help as well.



- Hardcore porn
- Excessive violence (carnage, mutilation etc.)
- Racism

COMMISSIONS :buymyprints:

*Black and White:
$5 - 4 characters or higher;
---> outlines option.

*Pencil Colors:
$5 - up to 3 characters
$10 - 4 characters or higher

*Digital Colors:
$10 - up to 3 characters
$15 - 4 characters or higher

*GIF Animations:
$15 - Continuous (single scene)
$20 - Progressive (changing scene)

KIRIBAN :+devwatch:
At each 100,000 views mark, for a screencap of the exact mark or the closest if appliable. Simple art, in digital or traditional colors.



I do NOT accept extra payment to rush a commission.


MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Favourite cartoon characters: Beatles, Daisuke Jigen, Lupin III, many Sailor Moon characters, Takaya Todoroki, Jay Sherman, Alice Tompkins, Duke Phillips, Jeremy Hawke, Fred Fredburger, Scientist #1, Bender B. Rodriguez, Cleveland Brown, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Tony Stewart, Professor M, Mechanic With No Name
Personal Quote: "Respect life and life will respect you. Fear life and life will abuse from you."



OC for Saturday Classes
Guess what - our task at the graphic design/animation/2D game creation class today was to create a character! :XD: No BS! Teacher even encouraged us to point out as many characteristics as possible (including description of weapon of choice if appliable to help at its design) and, if we had time left, sketch the character, since we'll use it in further lessons along the course (such as 3D modeling and animation). Needless to say I felt at home. =p This was the first thing that came to mind: some African "urbanized savage" adventurer cheetah girl, more or less like Ye-ye but less savage. Still didn't find a name for her, but that's a matter of time. :D

This is in fact my first pic fully made on graphics tablet ever (a Wacom Bamboo, to be more specific). I'm finally picking some practice on it, but still far away from giving any rest to pencil, paper and inking pen.

And needless to say as well... I won't resist too long until sending her on the way of my Homeheroes cast.
Bison Cow Dragoness
Well, in the 'Homeheroes universe' there are cows and dragonesses, two distinct female species, but it's also common to call a martial arts expert a "dragon" there. ;p

Anyway, long story short... after this pic I felt like adding an actual bison girl to my cast as a more secondary character, so it was a matter of weeks to start sketching this former Navy SEAL¹ lady, now a martial arts enthusiast looking to learn and master as many of them as she can (more or less like the hosts of Human Weapon and Fight Quest). Didn't take too long to feel like doing foot art of her as well. :XD: The outline was collecting dust on my scanned pic folder since around late September/early October so I decided to finally finish it. So, say howdy to Heidi Allgood! :)

No doubts pics like these serve as perspective and dynamism practice, but I was also trying my luck on wrinkly soles since she's among my oldest female characters (at the age of 45).

¹In the 'Homeheroes universe' Heidi is the first woman to become an US Navy SEAL. Creative freedom, because I can.
Cumpadi Jax vs. Balroguis
So... we've been having plenty of Photoshop lessons on those graphic design, animations and 2D game creation classes in these six months of course. One of our challenges was to make a Photoshop montage using plenty of the tools we've seen there, specially layer masks and the 'Liquify' tool - perfect for making caricatures. However, our teacher didn't specify how meme-ish our image could be. =p

Basically, two Brazilian personalities who became two of the most popular memes down here: at your left, Compadre Washington - pagode ( singer and composer from one of the top musical groups of the 90s in Brazil, who became a meme a few years ago due to a funny catchphrase from one of a series of hit TV commercials for a classifieds website - incarnating Jax in his original look from classic Mortal Kombat games. At your right, Mussum - late samba singer and composer, but definitely more credited as a comedy actor from the #1 TV comedy group of the 70s, 80s and early 90s in the country, and who became a meme thanks to his unique speech and goofy style - incarnating Balrog from Street Fighter franchise. Ah, right: 'quebra-pau' is a Brazilian Portuguese slang for "brawl", "scuffle", sometimes "riot", while 'zuera' is the crude form of 'zoeira', which can mean "mockery", "tomfoolery" and such.

Collage of all used images:
Cumpadijax Balroguis Colagem by RalfTheRalfMan
'Spring' is concluded. :)
Melissa's Cherry Blossom by RalfTheRalfMan

'Autumn' is up next. ;)
princess kal oil on canvas WIP by RalfTheRalfMan

Or so it's the idea I'll present our painting teacher this tuesday. I still wasn't sure which color tones the background would follow for that Kal's painting, teacher suggested some brownish but contrasting enough tones, and when I arrived home came this idea to match each painted OC with a season. But who'll go along with summer and winter is still going to be decided eventually.
melissa oil on canvas WIP by RalfTheRalfMan

My first and current art for this year's painting classes at art school. :D But this here is in a smaller canvas - 30x30cm, compared to that 'Dame Renard Au Nuit' one (40x50cm). Chances are I finish it this evening.

Thing is, my teacher liked the idea more than I expected he would. He doesn't really know my neverending cast of OCs or my dA account (and so doesn't any of my classmates), but even so he suggested that, if I have more cartoony characters to pick, I paint other three 30x30cm canvas fo them and put them together in a square formation. Needless to say this idea sounded too appealing to refuse. =p

See ya! Peace Out! Take care! :w00t:

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How do you use your graphics tablet? 

58 deviants said To draw and color
6 deviants said Just to color
3 deviants said Just to draw



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